A new 4-bin waste service is coming to Merri-bek

Merri-bek households will move to a 4-bin waste service as required by State Government reforms from mid-2023, with the addition of a glass bin to existing garbage and recycling bins. A food and garden organics (FOGO) bin, currently an opt-in service, will be rolled out to all households.

The changes follow Council’s endorsement of a new Kerbside Waste Service and Charge Policy at the December Council Meeting.

To help residents move to the new waste service, garbage bins will continue to be collected weekly while recycling bins will move to fortnightly collection and be increased in size. FOGO bins will be collected weekly and glass bins will be collected monthly.

The extensive three-stage community consultation process demonstrated the diversity and differing needs of the community.

While fortnightly garbage collection is a better option in terms of costs and emissions reduction, we understand that this is a big change for Merri-bek residents, so we will make changes in stages and we will provide ongoing support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The new 4-bin service will help divert waste from landfill and improve the quality of recyclables in Merri-bek, taking Merri-bek a step closer to it's goals of zero carbon and zero waste.

We will trial fortnightly garbage collection in one section of the north of Merri-bek and one section of the south. The trial will help inform us how best to move to fortnightly garbage collections across the municipality.

We will also be trialling the 4-bin service with selected apartments, units and townhouses. Find out more about the 4-bin trial here.

Hard waste will also undergo some changes, with booked hard waste collections to be trialled from July 2022. Find out more about hard waste here.

Further changes to garbage collection frequency and hard waste collections are subject to further Council decision, following the outcomes of the trials.

You can find out more about the project, why our waste service is changing and how we consulted with the community by exploring the Links, Frequently Asked Questions, Fact Sheets and Document Library on this webpage.

Become a Merri-bek Waste Champion

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We will continue to work with our Waste Champions as we roll out the changes and the trials on the new service.

Community Consultation

Thank you to everyone for providing feedback on the proposed changes to our waste service. Your feedback has helped shape our new 4-bin waste service and hard waste collections.

Overall we have had 14 weeks of active engagement over 3 separate stages of community consultation. We held 14 workshops and 5 phone drop-in sessions with community members. Overall, we had 4,259 contributions across a range of engagement activities and feedback channels, including over 3,122 survey responses from households, businesses and community organisations.

You can read summaries of what we heard in Stage 1 consultation, Stage 2 consultation and Stage 3 consultation in the Document Library on this website.

Project Background

The management of waste and recycling is one of our most pressing environmental and social challenges. It is a service we all rely on every day. The sector is undergoing significant change due to shifts in domestic and global markets, new government policies and community expectations about what happens to the waste we generate.

The Victorian Government announced that all councils must move to a 4-bin waste service to reduce waste to landfill, improve the quality of recyclables and have a system that we can rely on. The four bins will separate:

  • garbage (red lid)
  • recycling (yellow lid)
  • food and garden organics (FOGO) (light green lid)
  • glass (purple lid)

In mid-late 2022, we will start making changes that will affect how your hard waste is collected. In 2023 we will introduce a 4-bin waste service which will affect often we collect your bins, their number and size. Changes will also affect how ratepayers are charged for the service.