We're developing a new transport strategy. This document will guide our future transport projects, with the aim to make it easier and safer for our community members to move around Merri-bek in more ways.

Moving Around Merri-bek is a long-term strategic document that outlines our own transport projects and objectives, as well as Council’s transport advocacy priorities to the State and Commonwealth Governments.

A transport strategy is the way that governments, including local government, manage and plan for changes to our transport system. This planning affects how we get around and the type of trips we can take.

Our new transport strategy will inform how we maintain and improve Merri‑bek's transport existing system.

Draft Transport Strategy

We have written a Draft Transport Strategy. This Draft was developed using the results of community consultation in August and September 2023. During the consultation we asked our community about how they move around Merri-bek and how this could be improved.

This Draft Strategy is set out in 2 parts:

1. The values

We have identified 6 Values that will guide the way we will improve our transport system.

2. The transport system

Here, we translate the values onto the different networks that make up our transport system. This ensures that our values, or themes, are used to guide the practical way our transport system is managed.

The Merri-bek Transport System is the space and infrastructure that allows us to take transport trips. It includes:

A separate, but linked, Action Plan then outlines the specific work we will undertake and when we intend to complete the work to achieve our transport goals. This strategy includes:

  • An Action Plan for 2024-25 and outlines actions committed for the years beyond 2025.
  • A new Action Plan that will be developed in 2024, covering the years 2025-2030 and outlining actions to be considered beyond 2030.

Join the Conversation

We asked our community to provide their thoughts on the Draft Moving Around Merri-bek Strategy in November - December 2023. The feedback provided during this period will help us adapt and update the document, ensuring that the final strategy best meets our community’s needs.

This survey period is now closed, however you can register to provide feedback at a Hearing of Submissions in January 2024 below.

Background information

Where we are up to in developing the new strategy

The image is an infographic with 4 columns that represent the 4 stages of development of the new strategy as icons and short headings.

Other projects

Beyond writing a new transport strategy, we have lots of other transport projects happening this year. This includes making changes to the Parking Management Policy, in response to decisions by Council in December 2020 and April 2021. These changes predominately relate to how Council officers manage changes to public parking and allocations of parking permits. If you would like to get involved in the consultation visit the project page.