What is the Designing Our Neighbourhoods Project?

We are reviewing our planning policy on the features and design of residential areas. Our aim is to provide planning direction that helps to achieve safe, pleasant, and inviting neighbourhoods.

We would like to know what you value about your street or neighbourhood and where you think new housing should be located.

Your feedback will help inform the review of existing planning policy and what a future Merri-bek could look like.

Consultation ends on Friday, 19 August 2022.

The Designing Our Neighbourhoods project will look into:

  • Existing planning policy in the Merri-bek Planning Scheme on housing, design, and neighbourhood character.
  • Developing new planning direction for the design of neighbourhoods, with a focus on medium density housing.
  • Developing a revised residential development framework that reflects State Planning Policy and expected population and housing growth.
  • Why are we undertaking this review?

    In 2018, Council adopted the Planning Scheme Review Report 2018. This report recommended Council review its Neighbourhood Character local policy. It also recommended that Council review the location of its 'housing change areas'. These identify areas in the municipality for significant, incremental, or minimal housing change.

    The Council Plan 2021-2025 looks to design our neighbourhoods to be safe, pleasant, inviting places for all to visit and live. This includes an action to review neighbourhood character.

    How can the community influence this project?

    What is not changing?

    • Rezoning of non-residential land
    • Heights in non-residential areas
    • The heights of buildings allowed under the residential zones
    • Car parking provisions
    • Design of development in activity centres and industrial areas
    • Design of development over four storeys
    • Prohibiting new development

    What can be influenced?

    • Neighbourhood character
    • Design and housing objectives and strategies,

    and how these might be expressed in the planning scheme.

    How you can participate

    More information and frequently asked questions

    Need more information?

    If you have questions or need more information about this project, you can contact us.

    Name Angela Schirripa, Principal Strategic Planner
    Phone 9240 1111
    Email strategicplanning@merri-bek.vic.gov.au