What is a planning scheme?

All councils must have their own planning scheme. A planning scheme is a statutory document. It provides rules on how land in a municipality can be used and developed. It includes objectives, policies, and provisions to guide how this should occur.

All planning schemes have the same format. They include:

  • A Municipal Planning Strategy
  • A Planning Policy Framework
  • Zones
  • Overlays
  • Particular provisions (e.g. car parking rules).

What is a planning scheme review?

A planning scheme review assesses how well a planning scheme is working. It will generally make recommendations on how to improve the planning scheme.

Councils must review their planning schemes every four years. This is a requirement under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

What is a municipal planning strategy?

A municipal planning strategy sets out the planning outcomes a municipality wants to achieve. It includes:

  • Context. This sets the scene on the issues important to a municipality. It includes a description of the geographic, economic, environmental, and demographic qualities of a municipality.
  • Vision. A statement of intent that sets out the type of municipality a council aims to create.
  • Strategic directions. These set out how a municipality will achieve its vision and manage key issues, such as for housing.
  • Strategic framework plans. These are maps that show the key strategic directions for a municipality.

The municipal planning strategy is at Clauses 2.03 and 2.04 of the Planning Scheme.

What is a planning policy framework?

The planning policy framework sets out the policy content of a planning scheme. It includes State, regional and local policies. It implements the planning outcomes set out in the municipal planning strategy.

The planning policy framework is at Clauses 10-19 of the Planning Scheme.