This engagement is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

We are now delivering the masterplan. Visit the Hosken Reserve project page to find out more.

What we asked

A three stage consultation was delivered throughout 2021.

What we heard

There are many groups that use Hosken Reserve that expressed varying needs and desires for the future of the park. The clearest feedback we heard was a need to balance the access of the park between these user groups.

Themes that were heard strongly throughout the process included:

  • Opportunities for formal and informal fitness
  • Age-appropriate children’s play and safety
  • Keeping the natural charm
  • planning for community use
  • Increasing safety and convenience around traffic and cars
  • Managing access to all community members and minimising conflict
  • Enhancing leisure facilities
  • Encouraging wider community use
  • Maintenance and fencing

You can read detailed reports of engagement findings at all stages in the document library.

The 2021 Hosken Reserve masterplan

The findings from our first 2 stages of engagement were incorporated into the final draft of the masterplan. We then presented the draft masterplan to the community for feedback.

Of the 580 responses received, 80 per cent were very satisfied or satisfied with the masterplan.

A more detailed outline of the consultation findings can be found in the consultation report.

Amendments to the masterplan in 2022

Following further feedback from the community, Council endorsed a proposal to keep the east field as community open space for informal and passive community use only, including a dog off-leash area in April 2022.

Hosken Reserve Masterplan

An illustrated map of Hosken reserve

We will begin delivering the master plan in 2023.