A vision document written by and for the community

In a Moreland first, a representative panel of 44 community members have written a Community Vision document to guide the future of our city.

The Community Vision is a legislative document that must be developed through a deliberative engagement process. The document outlines community hopes and desires for the future of Moreland, and must guide Council policy and strategy for at least the next 10 financial years.

The Community Vision guides the Council Plan, 10-year Financial Plan and other Council documents.

You can find out more about the community panel process here.

Reporting back to our community

Thank you for your collaboration over the past year to help deliver important documents that will guide Moreland Council in the years to come. On the 20th of October Council formally adopted the Community Vision with no amendments.

The Community Vision, written by the community, presents ideas that will motivate us forward. We will work together with our stakeholders partners and other agencies to bring the vision to life over the next 10 years. The Community Vision will be delivered through implementation of the Council Plan, 10-year Financial Plan, 10-year asset plan and other Council documents.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your extraordinary effort and participation developing the Moreland Community Vision. Thank you for trusting us to listen to you and hear your ideas and feedback.

View the adopted Moreland Community Vision

Imagine Moreland video - engagement process and outcomes overview

Engaging the community to inform the Community Vision