About the Imagine Moreland Community Panel

Between April and May this year, we collaborated with the inaugural Imagine Moreland Community Panel to develop the Community Vision, and inform the Council Plan, 10 year Asset Plan and 10-year Financial Plan for Moreland.

The panel was a group of 44 local community members, recruited through a random selection process to match the demographic make-up of Moreland. The purpose of the panel was to participate in a deliberative engagement process in accordance with requirements of the Local Government Act 2020 to help Council with important planning for the future.

The community panel has now closed.

Thank you to all our panel members who wrote the Moreland Community Vision, and also provided feedback to inform other key Council strategies.

What did the panel do?

The panel participated in two stages of community engagement for the Imagine Moreland program.

The first stage: The panel developed a new Community Vision document for Moreland over 3 full days. A Community Vision is an important document that describes our community’s hopes, ideas and aspirations for the future of Moreland. See the videos below to see the panel process of writing the Moreland Community Vision between April and May.

The second stage: The panel participated in online conversations to discuss six topics that are relevant to the Council Plan and other strategies. The summary of feedback from the panel can be found in the Document Library on this webpage.

Topic papers and presentations that were presented to the community panel

Imagine Moreland Wrap-up - 17 April 2021

Imagine Moreland Wrap-up - May 1 2021

Imagine Moreland Wrap-up - 8 May 2021