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Our climate is changing

Hotter and more extreme weather is already harming the people, places, plants and animals we love. Unfortunately, this is predicted to worsen in coming years.

Heatwaves are impacting our health and wellbeing. Drier conditions, more severe storms and rainfall events, put our homes, businesses, and community spaces at risk. The urban heat island effect happens when our suburbs become much warmer than rural areas because of things like roads, buildings, and cars, that trap heat and make it hard for the city to cool down. Bushfire smoke and air pollution can make summer in our city less comfortable to live in.

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We want to understand how climate risk affects households and services in Merri-bek.

We want to ensure Merri-bek is climate resilient

In 2022 we engaged with the community to develop the Merri-bek Climate Risk Strategy 2022 – 2030.

  • The Strategy describes how Council will plan and respond to climate change.

In 2023 we engaged again on the Foundational Action Plan.

  • The Foundational Action Plan describes the activities we will undertake to make sure we are delivering the strategy.

Our Vision is that, by 2030

The Foundational Action Plan will guide our delivery of the strategy and vision through 5 goals:

By 2025, Council has iterative risk management, reporting and decision-making processes in place to manage climate-related risk to assets, service delivery, finances, and liabilities.

By 2030, Council has improved the ability of its infrastructure, open spaces and natural environments to avoid, withstand and recover from climate impacts, while continuing to provide for community wellbeing, amenity and ecosystem services.

By 2030, Council services are resilient to climate impacts such that we can support our community through the shocks and stressors associated with climate change.

By 2030, Merri-bek residents and businesses have access to relevant and appropriate information and support from Council to take meaningful action to adapt and build resilience to climate change.

By 2030, Council collaborates with and influences a range of private, community and public sector partners to drive adaptation and build climate resilience in Merri-bek.


Foundational Action Plan 2023-2025

The Foundational Action Plan will help us understand:

  • What climate change means for Merri-bek across the municipality.
  • The impacts of climate risk on Council infrastructure, open spaces, natural environments, and community services.
  • How climate risk impacts the people of Merri-bek, particularly vulnerable groups, and businesses.
  • Our organisational ability to manage climate risk physically, financially and legally.
  • How we build climate resilience to best deliver infrastructure, open spaces, natural environments, and community services in cost-effective ways.

Stage 2

Action Plan 2025-2030

The second stage of our Action Plan will be informed by what we learn from the Foundational Actions. In this plan, we will increase the focus on supporting our community's climate resilience through service delivery, infrastructure and other climate adaptation activities.

We would love for you to complete our survey and include your email address so we can contact you again when we are ready to develop the stage 2 plan.

We are planning to survey the community across the life of the strategy, to monitor changes in how you and your community are experiencing and adapting to climate impacts.

Merri-bek City Council acknowledges the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people of the Kulin Nation as the Traditional custodians of the lands and waterways in the area now known as Merri-bek, and pays respect to their Elders past and present, as well as to all First Nations’ communities who significantly contribute to the life of the area.

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