Our Integrated Water Management Vision

Merri-bek will be a Water Sensitive City. A liveable city where we take good care of our waterways and make the most of our precious water resources. We keep our open spaces resilient to climate change impacts and, enhance urban and natural environments and support community health and wellbeing. Council leads by example and working together with our key partners, supports community actions to become a water sensitive city.

Merri-bek's Integrated Water Management Strategy 2040

Our Integrated Water Management Strategy was adopted in 2020 and provides direction to support our ongoing transition to a ‘Water Sensitive City’.

We are a city defined by water, to the east the Merri Creek and to the west the Moonee Ponds Creek defines our natural boundaries. Edgars, Westbreen, and Merlynston Creek provide linking corridors of blue-green weaving through our suburbs.

A water sensitive city is a city that is healthy, green, productive and resilient to climate change impacts. It is a city in which water cycle management is integrated into all aspects of the city and is created through collaboration. A water sensitive city:

  • enhances and protects the health of watercourses, wetlands and aquatic environments;
  • provides water security for economic prosperity through efficient use of diverse water resources available;
  • mitigates flood risk and damage; and
  • creates high quality, healthy, cool and connected public spaces and landscapes that harvest, clean and recycle water.

Council plays a key role in water management, as a service provider, a land manager, and also as a collaborator with community. Through effective water management we can unlock opportunities which will enhance the liveability of our city and protect the environment.

The Integrated Water Management Strategy 2040 includes the following 5 outcomes:

Integrated Water Management 5 Year Action Plan

The 5-year Action Plan has been developed to assist us achieve our objectives and targets, transitioning to a water sensitive city.

We will need to work with all levels of government (including state and our surrounding local governments, and water authorities), industry, community groups, businesses, and residents.

The Action Plan identifies individual actions needed to achieve the outcomes. Some actions are ongoing, and some are one off activities. Actions will need to be revised regularly to maintain their relevance to integrated water management targets and outcomes.

This is a journey that began with Watermap 2020 – Merri-bek’s Path to a Water Sensitive City (2014-2020) and is a journey that will continue to 2040 and beyond.