Merri-bek is committed to becoming a water sensitive city.

In June 2014, we adopted Watermap 2020 – Merri-bek’s Path to a Water Sensitive City (2014-2020). This document sets out our goals and targets to 2020 around the sustainable management of water, particularly with regards to stormwater. You can find more about Merri-bek’s achievements on implementing the Watermap 2020 here.

We have reviewed Watermap 2020 and developed a refreshed draft Integrated Water Management Strategy 2040 (IWM Strategy 2040) and a draft Action Plan for the first five years of the Strategy.

The aim of the draft Integrated Water Management Plan is to create a City that is more resilient to future population growth and climate change.

A water sensitive city is a city in which water cycle management is integrated into all aspects of the city. It is a city that is healthy, green, productive and resilient to climate change impacts; created through collaboration and which interacts with the urban water cycle in ways that:

  • provides water security for economic prosperity through efficient use of diverse water resources available;
  • enhances and protects the health of watercourses, wetlands and aquatic environments;
  • mitigates flood risk and damage; and
  • creates high quality, healthy, cool and connected public spaces and landscapes that harvest, clean and recycle water.

  • The Integrated Water Management Strategy 2040 includes the following 5 outcomes:

  • Collaborating in a Water Sensitive City
  • Resilient and Liveable Landscapes
  • Wise Water Use
  • Healthy Waterways
  • Community Embracing Water Sensitive Urban Design

  • The draft Action Plan for the first 5 years has been developed to assist us in achieving our objectives and targets, and ultimately in transitioning to a water sensitive city.

    To achieve this, we will need to work with all levels of government (including state and our surrounding local governments, and water authorities), industry, community groups, businesses and residents.

    We look forward to working together to deliver on our water management outcomes.

    We’d love your feedback on the draft Strategy which you can view online here. Hard copies can also be made available on request.

    Community consultation will be open from 24 June - 12 July 2020, after which, feedback will be reviewed and a revised Strategy will be considered at the August 2020 Council meeting.

    An online submission form is available below, but written submissions are also welcome and can be directed to:

    In writing

    Sustainable Built Environment
    Locked Bag 10
    MORELAND, VIC 3058

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