Below is a larger map of Zone A Pump track and jump lines. Click on the spots to see where the features are located and scroll down to see descriptions of each feature.

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Pump Tracks are hotspots for all kinds of riders, seeking a fun and action-filled sports experience. We anticipate the track will become a hive of community activity and a highly popular destination. Riders will enjoy practicing the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using their arms and legs to pump their bike/board/scooter around the track. As the rider gets better, the tracks are designed to provide more challenges with increased speed and skill, with no changes to the construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional.

The design allows for multiple continuous laps without re-joining the start hill, thus riders are able to create the exertion desired, e.g., equivalent to a lap of an Olympic BMX racetrack or a mountain bike downhill trail.

The track layout is extraordinarily dense and offers a huge amount of variety in line choice (the way a rider moves through the track) and transfer options (progression between different elements of the track), making it not only a fun venue for training stamina and coordination but also an exhilarating playground for freestylers of any discipline.