Below is a larger map of Zone C Cyclocross and mountain bike skills area. Click on the spots to see where the features are located and scroll down to see descriptions of each feature.

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The cyclocross and mountain bike skills area of turfed and grasses with earth mounding, formed from any material moved from the Zone A and B areas. These berms (paths) provide features to ride around and over for both the cyclocross and Mountain bike disciplines. They should be varied in height, from 0.5m to 1.5m with varying diameters.

The turfed surface of the skills area is opened up to provide a long sand pit suitable for cyclocross practice and events. This should be a minimum of 4m width and depth of around 0.3m. The sand should be cleaned, round, and not clay-mixed or sharp.

The turfed earth berms (paths) of Zones A and B are intended to be available for cyclocross practice and race events. These slopes are varied in height and length, with the possible inclusion of 'Belgian Steps' to the longer slope against the tunnel area. The 'steps' would be made with timber sleepers set into the dirt with crushed rock infill.

The tunnel made from a recycled shipping container with earth berming over it, is located to provide through-access for banked track riders moving under the cyclocross and mountain bike riders on the southern start platform. The access to the platform is via either ramp or stairs on the northern slope.

This flat area is open turfed ground and flexible for cyclocross and MTB skills practice. The use of portable riding features, such as Velomaster Skills Park modules, can be arranged in variable configurations for all levels of skills coaching and practice. Some compacted dirt areas may be used but these should be maintained in the interior of the area to avoid the transfer of grit and gravel onto the plaza and banked track. The grassed buffer zone around the perimeter of the infield will also help prevent this transfer.