Below is a larger map of Zone B Central Plaza. Click on the spots to see where the features are located and scroll down to see descriptions of each feature.

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The central paved area is to be 15 metres wide and at least 45 metres long, accessed from both the north and the south start platforms. It will be used for general coaching in riding skills, events, mountain bike trials and portable skills courses for advanced skills coaching.

The surface can be one of the following materials:

  • painted conventional asphalt or crushed rubber asphalt: using a smooth surface mixture suitable for small-wheeled equipment. Drainage would be via edge drains requiring the plaza to have a cambered surface.
  • resin-bound aggregate: this uses recycled stone and glass with binders to produce a permeable surface allowing for a level drainage option.
  • rubber paving: this uses recycled rubber with polyurethane binder featuring a multi-colour finish for a soft-fall and grippy surface. It would have more rolling resistance than harder paving but for training areas, it is safer for riders. This paving is also permeable to stormwater allowing a level surface.

These are to be free-standing sun and rain canopies suitable for riders and event staff to shelter from strong sun and rain. They are intended to be permanently fixed fabric structures, much like the existing northern terrace shading, though with a circular shape complementing the proposed infield shapes. There are to be four structures, one for each of the start platforms and one at each end of the track chute.

The Bagjump air bag is proposed for occasional session use managed by Brunswick Cycling Club to provide mountain bike and BMX jumping practice and development. This riding skill is part of both the Slopestyle and Dirt Jumping disciplines and is part of many international events held for Mountain bike and BMX. The ridable bag gives riders a safe progression of skills and tricks before taking them to a dirt or paved surface for the first time. The take-off ramp is portable on its castors and will be stored with the landing bag in the northern ship container when not in use. The Plaza has been sized to allow for this equipment to be set up for organized sessions and removed for general use of the Plaza, given its large size. Circulation of this bag jump has been designed to avoid compromise of other activities on the infield, except the Central Plaza when operating. See Bagjump air bag for more information.

The crucial requirements of this facility are as follows:

  • 'Skatelite' roll in ramp at least 2.5m and 3m in height
  • 'Skatelite' take off ramp with 2 take-offs at different heights
  • Bagjump rideable landing approximately 8m wide x 10m long (full thickness)
  • 500m2 in area including run out after landing

The Drop-in for the Bagjump as well as other skills and events is a paved ramp down the grassed berm (path) below the southern start platform. The platform level is paved over the southern shipping container which provides a tunnel connection under the southern berm (path), allowing uninterrupted use of the banked track cross-connection. The platform is connected with the Plaza level by a gentle ridable ramp on the west side and a stairway with a cycle rolling rail on the east of the Drop-in ramp. The platform provides standing, viewing and socialising space for riders and spectators of the central plaza, jump line and pump track. It can also come into play for a cyclocross race route when this is arranged by the Brunswick Cycling Club. The berm (path) around the platform on all sides is varied in slope to allow many options for these routes.

The cross-connection of the infield between banked track straights is a 1.5m paved track, ending at north and south with a graduated exit chute from the banking turn. This provides slowing space for riders before stopping in the central plaza and queuing for the next turn on the track. The exit chutes are located to allow either an exit at the south, post a slowing half lap after the main finish line at the north-west end of the banked track, or if using the southern 'finish line or a missed exit, a northern exit chute allows an exit before the start line on the north straight.

The proposed access to the infield is as existing from the northern trackside terracing into the northern central plaza of the infield. This is positioned alongside the existing kiosk building where there is an existing gate in the trackside fencing and would provide an activating effect outside the kiosk openings, should this be put into use again.

The proposed lower amplitude Pump Track for novice riders on balance bikes, small BMX and kids' bikes as well as adaptive cycles is immediately adjacent to the central plaza allowing easy access for coaching. This allows the faster riders on the main Pump Track to enjoy their riding while novice riders work their way up to the larger track by improving their skills on the easier loop. It can also be built into cyclocross routes and be enjoyed by other types of riders such as skaters and scooters too.