The Brunswick Cycling Club successfully received a Recreation Design Grant for the planning and design of a Pump Track within the infield of the Brunswick Velodrome on Harrison Street a few years back.

What is a pump track?

A pump track is a hotspot for all riders seeking a fun and action-filled sports experience. The best asphalted tracks are both playground and training facilities for bikers, skateboarders or scooter riders at any skill level. Riders enjoy practicing the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using their arms and legs to pump their bike/board/scooter around the track.

About the Brunswick Pump Track

The Brunswick Velodrome Pump Track project proposes a world-class design and will provide an attraction for many groups that use the Velodrome as their training and community base. The proposed layout of the Pump Track will provide a challenge for all skill levels and is divided into 3 zones. The Pump Track will encourage younger riders to enjoy the same environment as the more experienced riders.

What we've heard so far

During mid to late 2021 and early 2022, Brunswick Cycling Club undertook a program of community consultation which included:

  1. Gathering public inputs to draft designs displayed on the Club's social media pages
  2. An open public forum was held in the clubrooms to discuss the designs
  3. Letterbox-drop to local residents seeking input and feedback
  4. Email correspondence to local schools, Moreland BUG and Friends-of-Merri Creek seeking feedback
  5. Engagement with other users of the Harrison Street facility including DirtyDeeds and Melburn Durt, and
  6. Consultation with Merri-Bek council representatives across a range of departments.

The Master Plan design document and requirements have been modified following the community feedback, including in the areas of:

  • technical track design (eg. an additional track 'cross-over' and a modified gate/access point to help mitigate safety risks); and
  • supporting infrastructure (eg. additional sun shade protection, greater signage, and modification as required to the existing CCTV facility to ensure coverage of all areas of the facility post-completion).

For more detailed information about each zone please click through to the view more section, there is an opportunity to leave feedback on each zone.

What we heard in this second phase of engagement

Overall, the project has a very high level of support from the community. As well as general support for the draft concept plan overall, community members identified particular elements that they were happy with:


  • Different levels of ability can use it, in different sections
  • Shade and seating provided, drinking taps
  • Complements the velodrome
  • Great use of space
  • Inclusion of mountain bikes (MTB)
  • Audience

  • It encourages all ages to be outdoors and active
  • Lots of people will use it
  • Can be a family activity
  • Great way to get riders progressing and taking their riding to another level

  • Possibly the most concerning aspect of the pump track proposal for local residents is the risk of the project attracting anti-social behaviour in the area

    Unwelcome behaviours

  • Drinking
  • Loud noise late at night - particularly because of the amphitheatre style the noise will carry
  • Loitering in the dark – feeling unsafe
  • Leaving behind rubbish and waste
  • Management of issue when it occurs

  • What will Council do to prevent it?
  • Police don’t respond
  • Restrict hours of use/access
  • Parking and Traffic

  • Already significant challenges in finding parking in the area, especially on Cycling Club days
  • Residents cannot park close to home on some days anyway, this will make it much worse
  • Do not want to see parkland taken up by car parking
  • Final design

    Click on the hotspots for descriptions

    What we did with your feedback?

    We have taken your feedback and provided it to our designers. Your feedback formed the final draft for the pump track - see the design above.

    Refer to the more detailed changes in the Pump track feedback design development document.

    In short...

    Current views of this green space - The suggestion to mirror the site plan was explored and the effects on all issues was examined.

    Noise - noise from riders has been managed by use of natural and resilient turfed finish

    Unsociable activity - Clear visibility is key to public surveillance of all areas and low level lighting is to be considered within the infield park.

    Visibility of all points of the banked track from the club pavilion - best location for the raised pump track and jumps track would be nearest the pavilion, using the fall of the site to sink these areas into the existing ground level.

    Drinking fountains - installed on central plaza for public use

    Community Information Session

    Wednesday 11 October 2023

    6pm – 7pm

    Brunswick Velodrome, 48 Harrison Street, Brunswick East

    Join us to learn about the final plans for a pump track at Brunswick Velodrome