A Park Close to Home

Merri-bek's “Park Close to Home” plan is about improving access to open space across Merri-bek. The aim of the plan is to ensure the Merri-bek community live within 500 metres walking distance to a park or open space, and within 300 metres for those living in our busiest areas.

As part of this plan, we have purchased the property at the corner of York and Westgate streets in Pascoe Vale South, to turn it into a public open space.

You can read more about this in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

What type of park would you like this to be?

We have developed three key themes. We are inviting you to tell us your preferred theme, and we will base the design of the park on the community's preferences.

The park elements pictured in the theme images will not necessarily be included as shown.

Click on the coloured dots to see what type of park elements we may consider including in each theme.

The new park will include

  • A shelter
  • Shade over play areas
  • Seating and picnic tables
  • A grassed area
  • A drinking fountain
  • A path network
  • Tree planting
  • Sustainable/recycled materials would be used wherever possible.
  • We will do our best to be inclusive of ages and abilities

This park will not contain

  • An off leash dog area
  • Basketball court (the park is too small)
  • Flying fox (this would take up too much space, the park is too small).
  • Lighting - this park is not a thoroughfare so we will not light it.
  • Loud musical elements

What can't be changed

  • The location of the park
  • Car parking

What happens next

We will use your feedback to create a concept design for the park based on the preferred theme. This design will be informed by the feedback we collect on the different park elements.

We will share the concept plan with you and ask you for your thoughts on the initial design. This feedback will be used to further refine the design for our new park.