The Brunswick Central Parklands Plan aims to provide strategic future direction for the open space and a framework for new works and future upgrades. The 19 hectare parklands includes Gillon Oval, Brunswick Park, Clifton Park, Reaburn Reserve and Gilpin Park (see Map below).

Integrated water management (IWM) is to be an important part of this plan to ensure we can sustainably respond to future demands from the community and climate change.

Stage 3 community feedback is now complete

Thank you for all your great feedback to improve the Brunswick Central Parklands at our pop up sessions in the parks, by email and online. Council will now prepare a summary of the 3rd stage of community consultation and finalise the plan based on your comments. We will be in touch when this is finalised and share the summary report together with the final Plan to make sure we heard you.

Improvement works at Gilpin Park are wrapping up with the renewal of the play ground and additional social picnic facilities and public toilet. The site should be open in September with a comunity event in October - see the Gilpin Park improvements page for more information.

Proposed improvements

The icons on the map provide more information about what has been proposed across the parklands.

What isn't included in the plan?

  • This Plan does not provide any guidelines or recommendations on building heights and setbacks on privately owned land. These are included in existing Planning Scheme controls and Overlays.
  • The Plan does not provide detailed designs for each of its proposed projects. If Council was to proceed with a project in the plan, detailed design and community engagement would be required.
  • Following engagement on the proposed ideas, all feedback received will be closely reviewed and incorporated into the final plan, to be considered by Council for adoption in early 2022. Following on from the draft, a detailed design stage will require further site analysis to assist with preparing a construction-ready design.
  • Construction is also dependent on the availability of funding and prioritisation of the projects.
  • Some of the plan projects can be progressed sooner than others due to funding and stages of project development. In the meantime, the plan will also be used to inform Council’s other current projects, such as the Open Space Strategy and ongoing advocacy with key stakeholders.