Martina placing a bag on a table next to a computer screen and small plant

Martina pays the waste charge through her Council rates and is entitled to the same standard service as residential properties.

A new 120 litre glass recycling bin will be delivered to Martina's business in May-June 2023 for glass bottles and jars.

This bin will be collected every 4 weeks (monthly) from 1 July 2023.

Businesses like Martina's cannot opt out of using the glass recycling service because glass bottles and jars will no longer be accepted in the mixed recycling bin. From August, Martina can request to take her glass bottles and jars to a nearby glass recycling drop-off point instead of having a bin, if there is one located nearby and publicly accessible.

Businesses like Martina's can opt in to the food and garden organics service. From July, there will be a charge for the service.

If Martina's business generates food or garden waste, she can choose to get a food and garden organics bin. Martina can order a bin by going to and clicking on “Order a FOGO bin”.

From 1 July 2023, this bin will be collected every week.

If Martina's business doesn't need one, she can choose not to get a food and garden organics bin and her business won't be charged for it.

In March-April 2023, Martina's business received a bigger 240 litre mixed recycling bin, unless she already had one.

This bin will be collected every 2 weeks, instead of weekly, from July 2023. It offers the same amount of space for recycling as Council's current service.

If your business already has a 240 litre mixed recycling bin, there will be no change to your bin.

There will be no change to the general rubbish bin at Martina's business. She will keep the current bin and it will continue to be collected every week.

To help with extra cardboard recycling, Martina can get an additional 120 litre mixed recycling bin from August 2023. She can also increase the size of her general rubbish bin to 240 litres if her business needs it.

If Martina requests an additional 120 litre mixed recycling bin or a bigger general rubbish bin, her waste charge will increase.

Our waste service is primarily designed for residential properties. If our standard service can't meet the demand of Martina's business, she can use Council’s Commercial Plus fee-for-service and pay for the bins she needs. Otherwise, she will need to use a private waste contractor.

To search for private waste contractors visit Planet Ark's Business Recycling webpage: