We're working to connect the Glenroy to Coburg bike route through Pascoe Vale, creating a safe, connected and convenient experience for bike riders.

We're seeking feedback from our community on 5 potential routes that will create this connection, taking riders between Rhodes Parade and O’Hea Street.

Why we are doing this

This new route will help continue and connect the larger Glenroy to Coburg bike route, which we have been working to connect since 2011. A new route design is required as the current route in this section is unsuitable for many bike riders, especially those who are less confident or new to riding.

The route is to be designed to enable bike riders of all confidence levels to be able to travel safely and easily through the area. It does so by addressing known barriers to riding, such as riding on busy streets, close to cars or parked car doors, and crossing options.

The route is important, as it provides a riding option for our community members to get between major and local destinations including Glenroy and Coburg Activity Centres, local shopping centres, schools and open spaces. It also links to established routes to the Melbourne CBD, and east to the Merri Creek and Darebin.

We began developing options for this route following the conculsion of the Kent Road separated bike lane trial and the consequent removal of the lanes in December 2023.

Compare the routes

Click through to each page to learn more about how each route compares on key information like:

  • how long it is
  • how many important locations it will take you near (within 200m)
  • how many hills
  • how many intersections it crosses.

What happens next

Feedback gathered during this consultation will inform our recommended option for this route.

The feedback and report with our officer recommendation are expected to be presented to Councillors at the Council Meeting in May.