The fitness equipment at Coburg Lake and one of the fitness equipment stations at ATC Cook Reserve are reaching their end of life. This financial year Council is planning to upgrade both of these.

The consultation has now closed and the new fitness equipment will be installed during December 2023.

You can view the final concept plans using the links below.

What can be changed?

What can be influenced?

  • Some fitness equipment units can be changed in favour of a particular exercise (e.g. more cardio or more upper body strength etc).
  • Some additional furniture can be included in the design if there is a strong need.

What is not changing?

  • Fitness equipment units must fit within the footprint shown (including allowance for each unit's impact zone).
  • This upgrade does not include upgrading other elements in the reserves (such as playspaces, car parks, paths, active recreation or services).
  • Overall works must fit within the allocated budget.
  • For ATC Cook Reserve, this upgrade only relates to the older fitness equipment station, the newer station will be retained.