Smart storage to reduce waste

Learn how getting food storage right can extend the life of your food so you waste less, saving you money.

Join Kirsty Bishop Fox in this interactive workshop where you will learn the best storage conditions for different types of food to extend their life so you waste less and save money. Cut down on food waste at home with a little know-how and simple steps to keep food fresh for longer.

We will cover:

  • Tips to use your fridge and freezer wisely, to prolong the life of your food
  • Pantry storage to minimise waste
  • Know the difference between ‘use-by’ and ‘best before’ dates
  • Storing and maintaining the quality of herbs
  • What you can do with common leftover ingredients
  • How to make vegetable stocks with food scraps
  • Turn stale bread into quick delicious snacks or meals
  • Tips for making quick, easy meals from leftovers, instead of takeaway

This is the first of a 3 part food waste workshop series Eat it, don't bin it challenge.

You can attend one or all of the sessions:

Our facilitator Kirsty Bishop-Fox of Sustainability Pathways is an environmentalist known for motivating people to rethink waste and prioritise sustainability. She’s a sustainability consultant and educator who works with businesses and individuals to help them take steps to reduce waste, make better environmental choices, and do better for our planet.

Kirsty loves food but hates waste and will share tips and tricks to help you create less waste than you might have thought possible.