Menu planning and shopping smart

Reduce food waste by only buying what you need and making the most of the food you buy.

Want to keep food out of your bin and money in your wallet?

Join Kirsty Bishop-Fox in this practical workshop which looks at meal planning and shopping smart so you buy only what you need and make the most of the food you buy.

We will cover:

  • Menu planning and shopping tips to avoid waste and reduce plastic
  • Shopping seasonally
  • Easy ways to find food items that need using up
  • Recipes and ideas to make delicious meals before food items go to waste
  • Meal tips for using up leftovers
  • Quick and easy ways to manage your kitchen in tough or busy times
  • Demonstration of how to make vinegar with fruit scraps or 2nd quality fruit

This is the first of a 3 part food waste workshop series Eat it, don't bin it challenge.

You can attend one or all of the sessions:

Our facilitator Kirsty Bishop-Fox of Sustainability Pathways is an environmentalist known for motivating people to rethink waste and prioritise sustainability. She’s a sustainability consultant and educator who works with businesses and individuals to help them take steps to reduce waste, make better environmental choices, and do better for our planet.

Kirsty loves food but hates waste and will share tips and tricks to help you create less waste than you might have thought possible.