As part of our ongoing commitment to make our roads safer for everyone, we are seeking your feedback on proposed streetscape improvements along Batman Avenue. These improvements aim to make the street safer and more enjoyable for people to walk and ride, as well as improve the local character of the street.

Project background

Batman Avenue is a residential street in Coburg North between Gaffney and Ryan Streets. The street is used as part of the Upfield trail which runs along the rail corridor (see aerial of works zone).

The current design of Batman Avenue requires people walking, riding bikes, and driving motor vehicles to all share the same road space, which is a road safety risk.

To address these road safety risks, council are proposing streetscape improvements to Batman Avenue in the form of a shared zone.

A shared zone is a street where pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic share the same road space. However, in a shared zone people driving and riding bikes must give way to pedestrians.

Proposed designs

We’ve created a concept plan for a new shared zone on Batman Avenue that addresses community feedback, while considering the needs and unique characteristics of Batman Avenue.

This design seeks to make it safer and more attractive for people to walk and ride bikes, as well as improve the local character of the street for residents.

The concept plan proposes

  • A new kerb outstand which will prevent vehicles form exiting Batman Avenue
  • Allows Batman Avenue to operate similarly to a one-way street, while still allowing residents to access their properties from both directions.
  • People and walking can exit batman avenue due to the existing shared user path
  • Halves the vehicle movement on Batman Avenue
  • Reduces conflicts between vehicles and people riding bicycle at the intersection of Ryan Street and Batman Avenue
  • Vehicles will still be able to enter Batman Avenue from Gaffney Street.
  • Narrowing the street width to prevent exiting also has the extra benefit of making the turn into Batman Street from Gaffney Street less attractive
  • Vehicles can still exit Batman Avenue via Armstrong Street and Ryan Street and connect to Gaffney Street via Ross Street

  • Graphics installed on the road to provide visual cues of the changed road environment. Please note that the illustrations on the image on this page is an artist impression only. Council will engage an artist for the final designs.
  • Speed cushions across the extent of Batman Avenue to slow traffic
  • Create safer environment for pedestrians
  • Graphics installed on road and new signage. Vehicle access will be fully maintained

  • Includes graphics installed on road and new signage
  • To indicate reduced speed limits when within the shared zone and to improve visibility at the intersection of Batman Avenue and Ryan Street
  • To indicate changes to how the road operates, such as the restriction of cars exiting Batman Avenue into Gaffney Street
  • Investigating a pedestrian/riding mirror to assist with riders and pedestrians exiting the shared user path and traffic on Ryan Street/Batman Avenue

Join the Conversation

We want to know what our community think of our proposed design.

Tell us what you think by completing our survey.

Your feedback will help us determine the suitability of this design to improve the street for people walking and riding bikes.

You have until 11:59pm, Friday 14 June 2024.

Previous consultation

In March of 2024 we consulted Batman Avenue residents on their experiences and usage of the street. We also asked residents what improvements they would like to see made, noting the potential for a shared zone design.

What we heard from the local community

Batman Avenue locals told us the things they enjoy about Batman Avenue, such as:

  • The greenery and the community garden
  • That it’s a quiet street and a nice connection to Batman Station
  • That people walk and ride bikes and scooters along the street

They also shared some concerns, including:

  • Vehicles travelling too fast, and difficulties with two-way traffic due to the narrow street
  • Conflicts between different kinds of road users
  • Suggestion of making the road one way, and desire for additional traffic control measures at the entrances to Batman Avenue