We’re planning changes to Carlisle Street in Coburg.

Trial road closures

In early 2022, trial road closures were installed on Carlisle Street, Coburg to create a shared zone. This improves safety and amenity for pedestrians and cyclists on the narrow road.

Installing these trial road closures allows our community to experience how these changes affect traffic in the area, and lets us test their suitability.

Permanent changes

Currently, we plan to block the throughafare of vehicles by placing permanent barriers in Carlisle Street, Coburg at the intersections of:

  • Carlisle Street and Nicholson Street, from Nicholson Street to a point 8 metres further west;
  • Carlisle and Huntington Grove, from Huntington Grove to a point 8 metres further west; and
  • Carlisle Street and Glenora Avenue, from Glenora Avenue to a point 8 metres further west.

Bicycles and pedestrians will still be able to pass through these barriers.

What's been done so far

Your feedback will help Council make the decision on whether they will adopt, modify or cancel the proposed changes in October 2022.

The community were invited to share their feedback on this project throughout August and September 2022.

Submissions closed at 5pm on Friday 2 September 2022 and were heard on Thursday 9 September 2022 at a formal Hearing of Submissions.

A map showing the locations of the proposed permanant barriers