Permanent road closure

In early 2022, trial road closures were installed on Carlisle Street, Coburg to improve safety and amenity for pedestrians and cyclists.

At its 7 December 2022 meeting, Council resolved to permanently close Carlisle Street to vehicle traffic at three locations:

  • the intersection at Glenora Avenue
  • the intersection of Huntington Grove
  • the intersection of Nicholson Street

We made this decision acting under Section 207, Clause 9 of Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act).

The closure is designed to allow more people to get around safely by permitting walking and bike riding access without through vehicular traffic.

Proposed improvements

We are excited to be delivering the following improvements:

  • Creation of a red coloured shared pedestrian/bicycle/vehicle zone
  • Installation of removable bollards to allow access for maintenance vehicles
  • Reconstruction of existing bluestone kerb and channel
  • Kerb lifting to assist with drainage and property access
  • Reconstruction of existing vehicle crossings, pram crossings and footpaths
  • Upgrade and construction of new drainage pits and underground pipes along the street
  • Installation of speed cushions on Darlington Grove and Glenora Avenue
  • Removal of existing speed humps on Carlisle Street
  • New tree planting areas and garden beds to select areas

New trees

The trees have been carefully selected from the tree species list endorsed in our Urban Forest Strategy (2017) as the most suitable for the site given the limitations on growing conditions and their adaptability to future climate predictions.

Species Location Number Est. height Est. spread
Cupaniopsis anacardiodes Darlington Gve to Glenora Ave x12 6-8m 5-7m
Syzygium floribunda
Glenora Ave to Huntington Gve x6 >15m 5-15m
Jacaranda mimosifolia Huntington Gve to Nicholson St x6 8-15m 5-8m

Dianella Tasmanica understorey planting will occur at strategic locations along the length of the three sections.

A comfortable environment

At maturity, the site will showcase a greener and cooler landscape, with the trees having reached their full height and forming a dense canopy, and plentiful understorey planting. This will offer ample shade along the corridor, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for users.

We explored the option to include seating along this route, however site limitations including flooding, underground assets and a need to maintain some vehicle access to properties, meant we could not achieve without compromising tree numbers or tree integrity or creating further risks and misalignment resulting from the roads camber and detracting from the intended aesthetics. We are happy to explore alternative sites for seats nearby.


Improvements are proposed to be undertaken around October 2023.

Affected residents will be notified at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the construction works.

Below is an example of what it might look like. Click on the spots to read more.

Length of Carlisle Street

This is a view of the Huntington Grove to Nicholson Street section of Carlisle Street. Each section of Carlisle Street will have different trees planted. Click on the spots to find out more.

Width of Carlisle Street

Typical cross section