Our vision for our libraries

Libraries change lives in so many ways. They support pre-schoolers learning to read and older residents in one-on-one digital training and everyone in between. Many people throughout our community use, visit, and love Coburg Library. This project creates an opportunity to imagine how a renewed library building could better serve our community long into the future.

Coburg Library at a glance

Merri-bek Library Strategy, will be reviewed in 2024.

Priorities in the strategy include

Engaging with the community to raise awareness of the breadth of library services and to create opportunities for connection, input and partnerships.

Tailoring resources, technology and programs to the needs and aspirations of our community.

Providing opportunities for creative exploration.

Supporting lifelong learning.

Planning and advocating for quality, flexible spaces for our community to learn, discover and connect.

What is your vision for the future Coburg Library?

Reimagining Coburg Library is a key opportunity for this project. We want to understand what is important to the community when thinking about library spaces and services, and also about what other new spaces and services would work well alongside them. We want to hear about how a renewed library could best meet the needs of the wide range of people who live in and visit Merri-bek.

Some things to consider:

  • What types of other services or uses might fit well with a library service?
  • What to consider about the location of the library, such as how easy it is to get to from public transport or what it sits next to?
  • What to consider about the form of the new library, its visibility, architectural character, and how it contributes to sense of place?
  • What kinds of activities and experiences could a new library accommodate?