Coburg needs good homes for all

Merri-bek has a significant shortfall in all kinds of housing that can respond to the changing needs of our community. We need to work in partnership to consider new homes for rent and for sale of all different types, sizes, prices, for a variety of different needs, and in varied locations.

New housing in the heart of Coburg could bring a range of benefits:

  • creating a stronger sense of vibrancy and liveliness
  • enhancing safety through the overlooking of public spaces
  • bringing more customers for local businesses
  • providing much needed new homes for the many people in Merri-bek who need them

Housing diversity can give communities greater choice and better meet the needs of people at different stages in their lives. This may include a home with a garden providing a great place for larger families, a share house for students, homes that suit the growing number of people living on their own, or the opportunity for older people who wish to downsize to a smaller close to shops and transport.

We are committed to finding ways to ensure those with specific needs and those experiencing different kinds of disadvantage have access to a home which is safe, secure and affordable. Council is working on providing affordable housing throughout Merri-bek by developing Council land and encouraging affordable housing in new developments. These strategies are outlined in our Affordable Housing Action Plan.

A diversity of housing, including social and affordable houisng, within a walk of shops, public transport, work, schools and childcare is critical to providing a sustainable community in the future heart of Coburg.

What do we mean when we say affordable housing?

When we say affordable housing, we mean housing that is appropriate for the housing needs of very low-, low- and moderate-income households. This may include:

There is an eligibility requirement and allocation process to ensure the affordable housing goes to those that need it, and that they can afford it.

We are working to increase affordable housing across Merri-bek. We are doing this through:

  • Facilitating the supply of affordable housing in new developments
  • Partnerships to develop affordable housing, particularly on council land
  • Research and advocacy for increased investment
  • Supporting service coordination, information provision and advocacy for people who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness