We have limited space in the heart of Coburg to meet the needs of everyone in the community. Green and open space is one of the main new opportunities we are exploring.

Open space can take many forms. In urban settings such as this one, it typically takes the form of a town square, plaza or piazza. These areas can act as a social gathering space surrounded by community facilities, cafes or other forms of activity. They can also act as a home for local events.

There may be the opportunity to include areas of open space for quiet contemplation, such as urban pocket parks or outdoor rooms attached to a new library building.

We are also thinking about any new streets that are created in the Council-owned areas. How do we make them feel like safe, attractive and vibrant spaces that put pedestrians, cyclists and those with mobility issues first?

Click on the spots on the thermal map to learn more.

Coburg has some highly urbanised areas, including the carparks in the heart of Coburg that we are considering revitalising. These carparks are areas of large unshaded asphalt, that increase local area temperatures. This is illustrated in the above map where you can see the contrast of the car parks and the surrounding areas of houses or open space.

This revitalisation project presents an opportunity to change the nature of the built form in this part of Coburg to combat the Urban Heat Islad Effect. The plans can also include the planting of many new trees in the areas, and other plants, to create shade, cooling, and a home to native wildlife.

Planning and designing our urban spaces to minimise excess heat to reduce the impacts of climate change is important as we experience hotter summers and other more extreme weather events. The heat map shows how our spaces can be cooled by including plenty of green spaces, shade through trees and collecting and using storm water in our landscapes.