What is planned?

Our Open Space team will be upgrading the existing small playspace and improving some of the park infrastructure and furniture in the reserve.

Please provide your feedback on the draft concept plan.

A summary of the consultation to date can be found here: Wylie Reserve consultation summary 2022

What is not changing

  • Overall playspace footprint cannot be made larger owing to offsets needed from the adjacent sports field and adjacent footpath. Playspace can only remain in current area of reserve and can't accommodate large play items (e.g. flying fox).
  • Fencing around the playspace will be retained though may be upgraded.
  • Adjacent community facilities (e.g. Hockey Club, kinder, new public toilet works) are outside of the scope of this project.
  • Sports fields are outside the scope of this project.
  • The reserve will remain a dog off-leash area and not be changed under this project. Similarly, dog bags/dispensers are not part of this scope of works.

Draft Concept Plan

Wylie Reserve draft concept plan gathering space

Initial Consultation

How you can participate

Gathering community ideas phase is now closed. Thanks to everyone who shared their comments and ideas.

Your feedback will help us shape the new playspace and determine other improvements such as park furniture and entry ways. A concept plan will be created and displayed for your comments in the next stage of consultation.

Tell us how you use the playspace and park. What would make it better?

7 October, 2022

Damien says:

“Shaded/rain proof double BBQ at far end of grass are so family & friends can socialise together in play area. ”

3 October, 2022

Dean says:

“Any chance we can have a rope climbing pyramid or something that challenges the children to hold their own body weight.”

3 October, 2022

Resident says:

“Could use some more seats. More big deciduous trees where playground is, gets hot in summer. Native climbers on the fence too.”

2 October, 2022

Grandmother of 4 says:

“Equipment for primary-school-aged children - climbing wall; higher/longer slide; small in-ground trampoline. Improved shade and seating ”

1 October, 2022

Karina says:

“Fix BBQ. Add picnic facilities for playground and near BBQ. Self-closing gates + more secure fencing to stop dogs in playground. More shade”

28 September, 2022

Stefan says:

“A more ‘nature play’ style playground, similar to Royal Park Nature Playground. Also more trees, shade and picnic tables would be great.”

26 September, 2022

Leigh says:

“A Flying Fox or upgrade the swings, similar to Princess Park where 6 face each other in a circle. Also maybe a climbing pyramid made of rope”

25 September, 2022

Suzie says:

“Improve the fencing please so dogs can’t get into the play area, and so there is fenced area for dogs to be safely off leash. More trees too”

25 September, 2022

IK says:

“More swings! - Preserve the trees + shade - Two more proper gates to playground: street + oval - 2nd bin + table, benches at other end.”

25 September, 2022

Kate says:

“More shade and nature-play options in playground, as well as options better suited to toddlers. Rotate infant swing 180 degrees!”

25 September, 2022

Kate says:

“More seating under the trees along Collier Crescent!”

25 September, 2022

Michael Stanley says:

“Better fencing to stop dogs getting into the playground area - they keep smelling food and running in. ”