What we heard

Our concept plan is informed by the top 3 things the community thought would improve Wheatsheaf Road:

  • outdoor dining
  • greenery
  • improved pedestrian crossings

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Final Concept Plan

Click on the spots to explore the Wheatsheaf Road Streetscape Improvement concept plan.

A map depicting and aerial view of the Wheatsheaf Road concept. There are arrows pointing to different parts of the road where the hotspots describe parts of the concept.

Map key

A key describing what the symbols on the map mean. There are different coloured lines to show the extent of the works, new footpaths and rejuvenated footpaths. There are symbols for existing trees and new trees, and water sensitive and standard garden bed

What are the key improvements ?

Improved pedestrian crossings

We heard that crossing Wheatsheaf Road can be difficult and feel unsafe. To make it easier and safer to cross the road, the design proposes :

  • A new pedestrian crossing with traffic lights, to cross safely over Wheatsheaf Road
  • Two new raised threshold crossings over Argyle Street and Blucher Street
  • A permanent speed limit reduction to 40km/h throughout the shopping strip

Street trees

We heard from local traders and community that greenery is important in the shopping strip, and that the existing street trees are causing some problems. The shape and placement of the trees limit views to shop windows and can make it difficult to get in and out of parked cars. At night time these trees create dark corridors, which can feel unsafe.

In response, the design proposes the removal of the problematic trees, and the planting of some new ones. The new trees will grow into taller canopy trees, opening up views throughout the shopping strip and providing more shade.

Outdoor dining

The placement of the new trees will support increased opportunities for on street dining and the display of goods.

The 3 stages of street tree improvements

Click the arrows to see how the trees will change over time.