Project Outline

Wheatsheaf Road is a vital part of Glenroy's local community. It hosts a variety of vibrant and unique shops and businesses. Wheatsheaf Road is an important link connecting Glenroy Station, recently upgraded as part of the Level Crossing Removal works, and the new Glenroy Community Hub.

This project aims to improve the presentation of Wheatsheaf Road, and make it easier and safer to visit and move around.

Where are we up to?

Over the last few months, we have been working on developing the Final Concept Plan into a Detailed Design. We are working closely with the Department of Transport to do this. The department is responsible for the management of this section of Wheatsheaf Road.

Construction is planned to commence in 2024.

The Department of Transport has advised that some delays in the approval process may be expected due to current demand, with many infrastructure projects underway across the State. We will keep you informed of any major changes to the project timeline.

Removal of problematic street trees

We plan to remove the existing Hills Weeping Fig ‘Lollipop’ street trees, and plant new canopy trees along the shopping strip. This is based on feedback from the community, traders, and arborists.

Although there will be a net loss in the total number of street trees, the new trees will improve the streetscape by:

  • providing significantly more canopy cover and shade over the footpath and road, than the current trees
  • improving visibility and views to shop windows and throughout the shopping strip
  • improving access to on-street car parking
  • improving opportunities for on-street dining by decluttering the footpath
  • opening up view lines which will make the street feel safer, particularly at night

We expect:

  • Up to 38 street trees will be removed between Glenroy Road and Argyle/Blucher Street
  • 16 new street trees will be planted (dependant on Department of Transport approval)

Loss of car parking

There will be a loss of around 10 on-street car spaces. This extra space will allow us to make the following improvements:

  • a new pedestrian crossing with traffic lights
  • raised threshold crossings at Argyle Street and Blucher Street (subject to flood impact analysis)
  • better placement of street trees
  • improved accessible on-street parking.

The Wheatsheaf Road - Plumpton Avenue intersection is an important connection to the new Glenroy Community Hub.

We have heard from the community that the Plumpton Avenue intersection can feel unsafe for people walking and driving.

This intersection is managed by the Department of Transport, and is part of the arterial road network. Upgrades to this intersection are not included in the scope for the streetscape improvements.

We are working together with the department to identify opportunities and funding sources to improve the safety of the intersection and the connection to the Glenroy Hub.


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