Maddy standing alongside one housemate standing and one housemate sitting at a desk in front of a plant

In March-April 2023, Maddy and her housemates received a bigger 240 litre mixed recycling bin. This bin will be collected every 2 weeks from July 2023 and offers the same amount of space for recycling as Maddy's household currently has (120 litres per week).

A new 120 litre glass recycling bin will be delivered to Maddy’s home by mid-June 2023. This bin will be collected every 4 weeks (monthly) from 1 July 2023. Putting their glass bottles and jars in this bin will free up space in their mixed recycling bin.

Maddy's household already has a food and garden organics bin. (It used to be called the green waste bin). This bin will be collected weekly from 1 July 2023.

If they don't have a kitchen caddy to collect their food scraps in, they can pick one up from their nearest Council Customer Service Centre.

Using this bin for food scraps and garden clippings will create more space in Maddy’s general rubbish bin.

There will be no change to Maddy’s general rubbish bin. Her and her housemates will keep their current bin and it will continue to be collected every week.

Maddy and her housemates can request an extra 120 litre mixed recycling bin to increase their recycling capacity to 360 litres. They can also get a bigger 240 litre food and garden organics bin.

Their request for bigger bins will need to be approved by their landlord as their landlord will need to pay a higher waste charge for the bigger bins.

Requests for additional bins or bin size changes can be made from August 2023.

The waste charge is based on the size of each bin - bigger bins cost more, smaller bins cost less.

To help free up space in their bins, Maddy and her housemates can:

When the Victorian Government’s Container Deposit Scheme (“cash for cans”) is introduced in 2023, Maddy’s and her housemates can also take their plastic, metal and glass drink containers to a drop-off point for recycling and receive a cash refund. This will free up space in their glass and mixed recycling bins.

There are many other ways Maddy and her housemates can explore to reduce their overall household waste, including being mindful of what they buy. Tips on how to avoid and reduce waste are available on our main website: