A new 4-bin waste service is coming to Merri-bek in 2023

We are trialling the 4-bin waste service in selected units, townhouses and apartment buildings.

We know that these properties have more complex waste needs than other households. We also know that every apartment building, unit block and townhouse development is different. Not all blocks will have space for 4 bins. So, in preparation for the wider 4-bin roll out, we are trialling alternative solutions for these type of properties.

We will be testing shared and individual bins, different bin sizes and different bin collection frequencies. We will also be trialling glass drop-off points at some locations.

The trial runs from August 2022 for 6 months. Participants of the trial have been contacted directly and can join our online Participant Hub by clicking on the button below.

What can go in the 4 bins?

Click or tap on the hot spots in the image below to find out what can be put in each of the bins during the trial.

4 wheelie bins in a row with different coloured lids that are open. There are hands above each bin, about to place and item in. from left to right: a hand is about to place a jar into the purple lidded bin, next a hand is about to place a plastic bottle i

During the trial participants will be sorting their waste and recycling into 4 different bins:

  • General rubbish (red lid)
  • Food and garden organics (FOGO), including food scraps and garden waste (light green lid)
  • Mixed recycling, including hard plastic, metal, paper and cardboard (yellow lid)
  • Glass recycling (purple lid).

We are working closely with residents and Owners Corporations during the trial to make sure the 4-bin service is working for their building or development.

Just for trial participants

More information on:

  • What we are trialling for your household
  • When your bins will be delivered/changed over
  • How often your bins will be collected
  • The pre-trial survey
  • How we can support you during the trial
  • And more!

Thank you to everyone participating in the trial! We look forward to working with you to help shape the 4-bin service for people living in apartments, townhouses and units across Merri-bek.