We’re looking for community feedback as we review the 10 Year Capital Works Programs for Walking and Cycling.

Project updates

Tell us what you think

We want to know exactly what you think of our 10 Year Capital Works Programs for Walking and Cycling. Your feedback will help us identify priorities and gaps within the plan.

On this page, we asked you to provide detailed feedback on our current pedestrian network and cycling network, the projects planned in the first 5 years of the program, and the second 5 years.

Please see the document library below for information on all the projects in the plan.

The window to provide feedback has now closed.

Key examples

  • Separated bike path

  • Shared bike path

What's next?

This is an initial consultation to gauge opinions on our network, gain feedback on the projects in the Programs, and identify new projects that could be added.

We will engage with the community further on each individual project outlined in the Programs that is adopted to understand and address community ideas, opinions, and concerns.