Project Background

Sewell Reserve has received several upgrades since the purchase of the former Northern Golf Course driving range (2014), construction of the skate park and netball courts (2018), the addition of circuit paths, shelter, outdoor gym equipment and drinking fountains (2021).

Play space upgrade

The play space is due for renewal and it is proposed to move the location closer to the entry, carpark and pavilion and away from the road.

Additional works will be undertaken to improve the aesthetics and access to amenities within the reserve.

Join the conversation

  • Phase 3: revised plan

    Once we have your feedback on the draft concept plan, we will adjust the concept plan to reflect your inputs as much as possible.

Project Updates

How can the community influence this project?

What can be influenced?

  • Location of play space
  • Play equipment and design of play space
  • Inclusion of fenced dog park
  • Locations of trees

What can't be changed?

  • Renewal of play space
  • Car parking - no additional space is available for parking
  • Location of dog park - the location proposed is the only available space in the reserve.