Final concept plan for public space area

We've reviewed your feedback on the revised concept plan, and used it to develop the final concept plan, which is shown below.

Differences between the revised plan and the final plan

  • As it is in close proximity to this gathering space area, we will be converting the clubroom toilet to be an accessible public toilet, so have repositioned a picnic setting with a shelter in this location, in place of the proposed toilet.
  • Additional concrete paving is currently being installed around this existing toilet to ensure this is facility is more accessible.
  • Additional nature-based play elements have also been included, to provide further interest for younger children.

Our consultation summary report details each stage of engagement for this project.

Next Steps

The Open Space Design & Development team will commence detailed design so that procurement and tendering can be undertaken during December, with construction commencing early 2023.

As mentioned previously, some of the works have already been completed or are underway including: solar lighting in the park, conversion of the clubroom toilet to a public toilet along with additional concrete paving for accessibility to this unit. The new concrete path for maintenance/events entry is also nearly completed. This will remain closed until late December-early January to allow for the concrete to fully dry.

Final Concept Plan

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