Tell us what street trees you prefer

We're committed to improving the appearance of Merri-bek and to increasing tree canopy to keep the city cooler. This is a commitment of our Urban Forest Strategy. As part of the implementation of this strategy, and following feedback from local residents, we are proposing to plant canopy trees in the middle of the road in Guthrie, Cohuna and Mincha Streets in Brunswick West.

The width of these roads and lack of overhead services provide an ideal opportunity for canopy tree planting.

Update - Wednesday 11 August 2021

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to share your thoughts and feedback on this project. We have heard from many locals, via our online survey, one-on-one discussions and phone calls.

Based on the community feedback we have received, we have decided to delay this project so our team has more time to develop more suitable options for the community.

Due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, we haven’t been able to hold the pop-up events we originally planned to continue these meaningful discussions about street trees in your area.

Your feedback and support is an essential part of the success of this project, and we have listened to the community concerns around the proposed street tree planting in Guthrie, Mincha and Cohuna Streets.

Therefore we have decided to postpone this tree planting, to ensure we can continue to have meaningful conversations with the community and use this feedback to shape what future street tree planting might look like.

Explore the design using Virtual Merri-bek 3D

Explore and interact with the proposed design using Councils Virtual Merri-bek 3D platform from a desktop computer browser.

To access the project, launch Virtual Merri-bek 3D:

  1. Select the “Projects” tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select the “Street tree planting in West Brunswick” project from the list.
  3. Select different designs at the top of the project page.
  4. Select the Eye tool on the left to explore full screen using your mouse and keyboard.

If you require assistance using the platform, please refer to the help documents or contact our Virtual Merri-bek Officer, Chris Staring.