Design Inspiration: The Rocky Country

The 260 Sydney Road park is designed as a window into the 'rocky' country of Merri-bek and Brunswick. It will be a place where the community can be immersed in a forested, green space which is inspired by the past, present and future.

Below is a collage of images showing the types of materials and natural textures that inspired the design of the park. Click on the hot spots to learn about how we're responding to the community's feedback about connection to nature, climate resilience and biodiversity.

A collage of images showing the types of materials and natural materials (including rocks, forests and waterways) which have inspired the design of the park

Background information

About 260 Sydney Rd

Merri-bek's “Park Close to Home” plan is about improving access to open space across Merri-bek. The aim of the plan is to ensure the Merri-bek community live within 500 metres walking distance to a park or open space, and within 300 metres for those living in our busiest areas.

As part of this plan, we have purchased the property at 260 Sydney Rd in the heart of Brunswick (opposite the Brunswick Town hall, facing Sydney Road) to turn it into a public open space.

The Draft Concept Design is preliminary only. The renders are artists' impressions, illustrating what an established (15+ year old) space would look and feel like. The scope of works and design is subject to review by authorities and further costing, and community feedback.

Like many areas of Brunswick, there is some underground contamination on this site. This will be addressed to make the site safe for use, but it means we won't be able to include a playground as part of the project. Instead we'll focus on making the space safe and inviting for kids, somewhere they can play and rest.

Remediating contamination will also place constraints on our budget. This is something we'll have more information about as we work through the detailed design with our engineers.

There is a 2m wide footway easement at the north of the site (on the cafe side). This means we have to keep this area of the park clear of plants, furniture or other features which might obstruct movement through the site.