A project suggested by the community

The Merri Creek Trail: Seating Installation project was proposed by the community as part of Council's 2022/23 financial year community budget idea program and was successful.

Aligning with Council plan 2021-2025, the Merri Creek Trail: Seating Installation project involves installing 20 park seats with back and armrests along the Merri Creek Trail (Merri-bek section), at a maximum spacing of 400 metres between them:

  • Seats will be placed along the trail at places with sufficient space that intend to offer a scenic view and shade.
  • Seats will be placed at the points where people enter or leave the trail, so they can rest after walking.
  • Extra seating will encourage more people to visit the Merri Creek Trail and venture to areas that they may have not visited before knowing there is an appropriate resting place.
  • Each seat would include a small sign with QR code for people to access information that has been designed by the community to recognise local plants and animals.
  • Seats to be installed in Feb/March 2023 to make the most of the dry weather as access is poor in the wetter months.