In 2018, we surveyed residents to find out how Council can improve Louisa Street in Coburg.

What did respondents tell us?

  • Pedestrians and cyclists felt unsafe
  • The street could look nicer
  • They would like to see more trees and greenery
  • Louisa Street needs better traffic safety.

A summary of what respondents told us is available as a PDF.

How are we addressing the safety issues?

  • We have installed a 'pop-up' footpath along both sides of Louisa Street. The footpaths go from Munro Street to Victoria Street. The 'pop-up' footpaths are temporary while we consider permanent options. You can learn more about Coburg Conversation on the Conversations Merri-bek page.

What's next?

We'll upgrade the Louisa Street carpark to create more efficient parking. The new layout and resurfacing will also improve pedestrian safety and access.

Louisa Street Carpark upgrade construction commencing

Council is upgrading the Louisa St carpark as part of our asset renewal program. The asphalt resurfacing and the new layout of the public carpark will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians. There will be no reduction in the number of car parking spaces.

In January 2024, we consulted with Coburg traders, Central Coburg Business Association, Council’s Disability Reference Group and the Council’s Sustainable Transport Advisory Committee on the draft concept plan. The feedback we received was incorporated into the Final Concept Plan for the carpark.

How will it impact you?

Construction works are expected to start on 28 May 2024 and be completed by 30 June, subject to the weather. The asphalt works will happen in 2 stages, so that some parking bays will always be available in this area.

To see the final concept plan of the carpark, please refer to the construction commencement flyer.

Pedestrian and car access to Louisa St, Munro St and the laneways will not be affected.

If you have any questions during the construction

Please contact Prestige Civil Group Contractor’s project manager, Dean Wood on 0437 964 863.

Pop-up Footpaths

The pop-up footpaths are a low-cost way to make the area safer and more colourful. This is temporary as we consult the community on permanent designs.

The planter boxes separate the footpaths from vehicles. Bright artwork on the paths and boxes makes them visible to drivers and add colour to the area.

This project is part of our Council Action Plan 2022-2023: 

  • Action 89: Carry out safety and accessibility audits for Louisa Street and design tactical responses to improve the street for pedestrians.

Who did we work with?

Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) list below to find out more about the pop-up footpaths.