Phase 1

Gathering community ideas

We asked the Merri-bek community what they love about the large play and gathering spaces at CB Smith Reserve and what would improvements they would like to see.

We received 48 responses online and held an in-person sessions with young people from and after-hours school group at the CB Smith Reserve Neighbourhood House.

The key themes that we heard from the community include:

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Tell us what you like or don't like, or what you think would improve the reserve. Feedback closes 11:59 Friday 14 October. (max 140 characters).

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13 October, 2022

Sam says:

The soccer oval to be a shared space including allowing dogs for an hour or so each morning when oval not used.

6 October, 2022

Amina says:

Have: -a big long swirly slide -big long flying fox -in-ground trampolines -big pirate ship -more picnic tables -more greenery/plants

2 October, 2022

Rebecca says:

The park needs much better drainage - there are sections of path (between the playground and the health centre) that are puddles all winter

29 September, 2022

GWadd says:

It would be good to have an enclosed dog park to enjoy the space more. Furniture and more garden planting would great.

25 September, 2022

Local parent says:

Something like the new playspace at Penders Park in Thornbury would be fantastic!

25 September, 2022

danc says:

Greatest need is some shade over the playground and better drainage so lawn isn’t a swamp.

22 September, 2022

TK says:

Having some basketball rings is a great idea. I also know many people, kids and adults, in the area who would play bball regularly

21 September, 2022

DR says:

Keep established trees. A more challenging playground for older kids. A basketball ring for adults & older kids can play near the playground

21 September, 2022

Chris says:

A basketball court l is a wonderful idea. I know several families in the near vicinity with both children and adults who would use it often

19 September, 2022

Eleanor says:

Accessible playground equipment, sandpit, water play area, trampolines, more swings, better drainage, flying fox, undercover picnic area.

19 September, 2022

KirstyPoly says:

Waterplay and trampolines would also be fun! Shade for the picnic tables and benches is a must please.

19 September, 2022

Kirsty says:

Barriers to keep dirt bikes out! More trees/shelter. Incorporate some local artwork. Fix drainage issues. Spinny things. Huts. Fairy garden.

Phase 2

Draft concept plan

This map shows proposed improvements to the playspace, gathering space, paths and gardens. Click on a spot to find out more and see example images.

A map showing the play space and gather space at CB Smith Reserve. There are spots indicating areas where proposed improvements will be made.