CB Smith Reserve on Jukes Road is home to Fawkner Library and other council and community services which make up Fawkner Community Hub. The precinct also contains competition-level soccer pitches, skate park, play spaces and fitness equipment.

We are undertaking a program of works that will make the CB Smith Reserve and Fawkner Community Hub precinct a safer, more active, and more engaging space for the community.

Precinct improvements

We've spoken with service providers and visitors at the Fawkner Community Hub about their concerns around pedestrian access, feelings of safety in the evenings, accessibility, lighting in the area and car park improvements needed.

Supported by the Department of Justice, we will be making a number of safety improvements including:

  • A car park upgrade to improve accessibility and pedestrian safety
  • Additional lighting along pedestrian paths and in the car park
  • Pedestrian pathway improvements for accessibility.

Car park upgrade works are starting during December 2022 until March 2023.

These upgrades will improve accessibility, pedestrian safety and meet current car park standards.

The car park will remain open during these works though access in the car park may vary, so please follow any works signage.

During this program of works we will not be making any changes to these areas:

  • Fawkner Leisure Centre - this is part of a different project
  • Community building facilities
  • No additional public toilets
  • Sports fields.

Please note that creation of a dog park in the Fawkner area is being managed under a separate consultation process.

Playspace/gathering space works postponed till completion of leisure centre upgrade

The playspace/gathering space design has now been completed and procurement being arranged. Construction will now be postponed till after the leisure centre upgrade starting June 2024, to streamline the leisure centre and playspace/gathering space works and allow for additional underground services works in this area.

Similarly the remaining portion of the car park works from Jukes Road (near Fawkner Library) will be postponed till after June 2024 for the same reason.

Final Concept Plan

The final concept plan is shown below using your feedback on the earlier concept plans.

You can also read the updated consultation summary report.

The final concept plan shows proposed improvements to the playspace, gathering space, paths and gardens.

Click on a spot to find out more and see example images.

A map showing the play space and gather space at CB Smith Reserve. There are spots indicating areas where proposed improvements will be made.

What we've heard so far

In the Gathering Community Ideas phase of our consultation we asked for your ideas for improving CB Smith Reserve. We received 48 responses online and held an in-person sessions with young people from and after-hours school group at the CB Smith Reserve Neighbourhood House.

From the Draft Concept Plan consultation we received 15 responses online. We also showed people the plans from our stall at the Fawkner Festival in October.

The key themes that we heard from the community include:

We also heard themes that weren't able to be addressed within the scope of this project. These included need for improvements to the car park, more toilets and the addition of a dog park. this feedback has been recorded and will be used for future projects.