We’re planning to improve sustainable modes of transport in Fawkner.

We want to understand what needs to change to make it easier to walk, ride bikes and catch public transport in Fawkner.

Projects identified in this consultation will be considered for addition to the 10 Year Capital Works Programs for Active Transport (The Programs), and will aid in our discussions with the State Government for public transport servicing Fawkner.

Why Fawkner

Fawkner is a suburb with very high car dependency. This means that the main form of transport in the area is by cars, and other methods of getting around are difficult.

We want to ensure that all Fawkner residents have the option to use sustainable transport options, as well as using a car, and make it easier for those who don’t or can’t drive a car to get around.

Currently, the walking and biking network in Fawkner is limited, as is public transport accessibility. The projects we develop as part of our plan will address this.

Tell us what you think

How could walking, riding bikes and public transport be easier and better in Fawkner? Your feedback will help us identify what projects are needed in our plan and prioritise them.

Improving Fawkner

Balance between cars and sustainable transport is beneficial to a community.

It creates a safer environment for all travellers, through reduced congestion and accident damages, is affordable, and has a variety of positive environmental impacts.

Working with the State Government

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) plans, funds and administers public transport in Victoria.

We work with PTV to improve services wherever possible, helping them understand our community's priorities and needs, and advocate for positive change.

To improve this advocacy, we need community input to tell us what works, and what doesn't.