We developed a draft concept plan for Fawkner Leisure Centre based on community feedback.

The draft concept plan set out how Fawkner Leisure Centre will develop in the future to meet the needs of our growing and changing community.

Council endorsed the concept design at the December Council meeting. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to ensure the upgrade suits the needs of the Fawkner community.

How was the draft concept plan developed?

Earlier this year, we held a series of focus groups to ask people who used Fawkner Leisure Centre and the wider community about how this centre should be redeveloped.

You told us your ideas and priorities, and we used these to develop a new draft concept plan for the centre. In early September, Councillors resolved to include a 50m outdoor pool option in the concept plan, based on community feedback.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback during our previous engagement on the draft concept plan.

What happens next?

Between 14 October and 12 November we invited our community to provide feedback on the draft concept plan for Fawkner Leisure Centre by completing a feedback form.

We also hosted online information sessions in October, and a COVID-safe pop-up event at Fawkner Leisure Centre in November.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and ideas to the concept planning process.

Council endorsed the plan at the December 2021 Council meeting. Construction is currently planned to begin in 2023.

View the current Fawkner Leisure Centre draft concept plan here

At the October Council meeting, Council resolved to deliver the project in two stages. The draft concept plan shows what is included in each stage of the project and how it fits together.

  • Stage 1 is the pale yellow and includes improvements and upgrades to the outdoor pool area as well as the gym, group fitness, entrance, reception and a new café area.
  • Stage 2 is in pink and includes the new warm water program pool conversion of the existing change rooms to a family change space and a new change room area to service both the indoor and outdoor pools.
  • The sections shown in orange are works that will need to happen as part of stage 1 and 2.