In 2021, as part of Morelands Play Strategy, Council are renewing the playground and undertaking improvements at Dunstan Reserve on Peacock Street in Brunswick West.

Earlier this year we asked the community to tell us what they would like to see in their upgraded playground at Dunstan Reserve. 154 individual requests/suggestions were put forward from the community over the 2-3 week consultation period.

A Draft Concept plan of the proposed playground and for a Fitness Circuit were presented to the Community in June this year (2021) with plenty of positive feedback and some great suggestions for amendments - particularly for the Outdoor Fitness proposal.

Feedback has been carefully taken into account and subsequent amendments are shown on the updated plans for both the Playground Upgrade and Outdoor Fitness.

Please refer to the 'Document Library' on this page for details of the amendments.

Playground Changes:

No changes to the proposed playground elements except for the reduction of some garden bed planting at the arrangement of some items to provide more protection for existing tree roots.

Fitness Changes:

The proposed fitness stations have been merged into one Outdoor Gym in the location shown on the amended plan in the North-West corner of Dunstan Reserve. This will include a high pull-up bar for taller community members. A picnic table and new seat will also be installed at this location.


Construction is now underway at Dunstan Reserve and will be completed this year subject to weather and COVID restrictions.