The new Plan adopted by Council

On 10 November 2021 the Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021 - 2025 was adopted at the monthly council meeting.

We thank the community for all of the input and feedback that has contributed to developing this plan. The steps we took to engage and collaborate are outlined below.

Thanks for helping us draft this Plan

Over the past months, we've been working with our community, and collaborating with neighbouring municipalities to prepare a draft Domestic Animal Management Plan for Moreland.

Between 10 September and 8 October we made a draft of the Plan available for the community to provide feedback in a submission process.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed feedback on this draft document including our stakeholders and community members.

What is the Domestic Animal Management Plan?

The Domestic Animal Management Plan sets out how we manage dogs and cats. It aims to promote responsible pet ownership and the welfare of cats and dogs in the community, whilst protecting the community and environment from nuisance cats and dogs.

How has Moreland's draft Domestic Animal Management Plan been developed?

The draft document has been developed through a comprehensive engagement program including:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Pop-up events
  • Community surveys

You can read a report about our past community engagement process in the document library of this web page.

What happens next?

We have reviewed the community submissions on the draft Domestic Animal Management Plan. We have provided a project update in the Project Updates section of this webpage and have addressed some of the common questions in the FAQ section.

For more information see the FAQ section of this web page or contact us at Council.

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