A circular economy aims to transform how we make and use products. It challenges us to think about how we can use things again and again.

We are developing a new Circular Economy Strategy that will guide how we manage waste and resources in Merri-bek over the next 5 years.

  • What programs, services or initiatives in our community could we support to increase repair or reuse?
  • What programs, services or initiatives could Council implement to increase uptake of circular activities within Merri-bek?

How can you influence this project?

What can be influenced?

  • Programs, services or community initiatives that Council could support to increase the repair or reuse of items in Merri-bek
  • Programs, services or initiatives that Council could implement to increase uptake of circular business activities within Merri-bek
  • Council procurement of circular goods and services that align with the strategy objectives
  • Interventions that Council could implement to improve resource recovery and reduce contamination in the kerbside bins
  • Strategy vision, objectives and principles

What can't be changed?

  • Adopted reforms to kerbside waste services (e.g. glass recycling bins, booked hard waste service)
  • Waste charge
  • Changes resulting from adopted Kerbside Waste Service and Charge policy
  • Waste service delivery obligations as outlined in state government regulations and legislation
  • Services and programs must be viable and support the local transition to a circular economy

What happens next

Following this stage of community consultation, the summary findings will be shared with Councillors in April 2024. Further analysis of the engagement findings with cross-Council stakeholders will inform a draft strategy and action plan.

The draft strategy and action plan will then go to a Council Meeting in March 2025 for endorsement for public exhibition. The second stage of community consultation will run for 3 weeks in April 2025.

The final strategy and action plan are due to be presented to Council by mid-2025.