Final Concept Plan for Anderson Park

We have previously asked the community to share thoughts on the Draft Concept Plan for upgrading this small local park, located at the corner of Lygon and Blyth Streets, in Brunswick East. Thanks to everyone who provided a response to Phase 2 of our community engagement.

All of the feedback we received is outlined in the Feedback Summary for Phase 2.

Your feedback provided during the entire engagement process, has helped in preparing the Final Concept Plan for the park. See plan below, with elements of the proposed upgrade that are changed from the Draft version shown in colour. A copy of the Final Concept Plan can be viewed from the Document Library on this page.

Changes to Concept plan

The main changes from the earlier Draft Concept plan are:

- additional seating, including extra seats in shade with views to the play space and into the park

- an informal, shaded gathering space with platform bench beside the lawn

- reduced banded bluestone strips in new path, with more bluestone edging to paved areas

- use of salvaged bluestone in landscape for edging to seat slabs, raised bluestone edging to garden beds

- replacement of failing Poplar tree with deciduous shade tree beside picnic area

Next steps

Preliminary upgrade works are scheduled to commence on site from mid-September, with all works planned for completion by November 2022.

In the meantime, we'd like to hear any thoughts people would like to share on the Final Concept Plan. You can contact us by email or telephone under Contact Us on this page.

Key elements of Final Concept plan

Final Concept plan with Key: click on Hotspots highlighting elements of proposed upgrading. Revised elements shown in colour on the black & white plan for construction. The park and play upgrade will see improvements to park furniture including a new picnic setting and drinking fountain, as well as new playground equipment and addition of nature play. Park seats will be relocated to shaded spots and positioned to face into the park space, not towards the road. Other changes are new path paving with sawn bluestone banding in concrete to replace the uneven cobblestone path, and perimeter fencing with gates on both busy street frontages. Some of the reasons behind what is or isn't included in the scope of works, are explained in the FAQ ​ on this page.

Final Concept Plan with revised elements only shown coloured in plan

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