So far we have run 2 phases of engagement on the upgrades to Kingsford Smith Ulm Reserve.

In phase 1 we asked the community what was important to them and collected stories and ideas that informed the concept design. In phase 2 we asked the community for feedback on the concept design and used the comments to further refine the design.

You can see what the community said online below.

Phase 1

Collecting community ideas

In phase 1 of our consultation we asked the community to share how they use Kingsford Smith Ulm Reserve and what they would like to see in the space.

Feedback was used to develop a concept design and costing.

Phase 2

Draft Design

We prepared a concept design for the addition of a picnic shelter and BBQ facilities, car park, public toilet and landscaping. Space has been allocated for a future fenced dog park and a lighting plan is being developed.

Below is the draft design with interactive images.

Key elements of the plan

A new shelter is located to make the most of the fantastic views and sunlight to the north west. The style is intended to compliment the existing shelter and the local environment whilst being environmentally sustainable.

Due to the lack of services in the area Council are proposing to deliver solar powered facilities. The BBQ, toilets and lighting are all intended to be run from locally generated solar power and stored in on site batteries. The toilets will be a composting system that will be treated and used to water a section of the grass in the dog park.

The toilet is to located at the most visible location according to Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

The carpark will remain closed at night. The existing gates will be relocated to the carpark entrance to allow waste collection vehicles to access the park and execute a 3-point turn.

Additional planting will provide shade and buffer the carpark from the play space.

Seeking community input

We asked the community for feedback about the draft design.

We used the comments to further develop the design and produce a final design.