Final Draft Design

Council has now prepared a final draft plan for the addition of a picnic shelter and BBQ facilities, car park, public toilet and landscaping. We will proceed to prepare costing and construction documentation. Further consultation will be conducted to select a location for a fenced dog park in Glenroy.

Below is the final draft design with interactive images. An annotated plan can be downloaded from the file library on the right hand side of the page.

What we have heard from you

Online consultation was conducted on the draft design and an in-person site meeting held with the local community. Support for the upgrades was generally positive. There were many concerns about anti-social behaviour and night-time noise. It has been identified that the gates have not been closed at night as was originally intended and that this is an important step to ensuring that the new facilities do not cause an increase in these activities. The gate will be included in the daily opening-closing rounds. The carp park will also be moved as close to the play space as the existing trees will allow.

Concerns about dogs entering the play area have been addressed by extending the existing fence to the north and south.

There was a mixed response on the possible future dog park. A separate consultation will be conducted on dog park options for the Glenroy area.

Final Draft Design-KS Ulm_upgrades

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