What we heard from the community

5 November 2021

In August and September 2021, we engaged with our community on the past, present and future of 33 Saxon Street and the new public spaces that will be created on the site. We held workshops with site users and surveyed visitors, users and the wider community.

Here's what we heard

There is a desire to acknowledge multiple histories of the site by:

  • Amplifying the strong connection to First Nations history and people
  • Acknowledging the industrial and multicultural nature of Brunswick
  • Acknowledging the site’s history as a place of education
  • Retaining the inclusive and informal nature of the site.

Reflecting on the current use of site, we heard that people value:

  • Affordable and accessible spaces
  • Diverse, flexible and informal spaces
  • Open use of spaces (visual connections)
  • Spaces that promote connection and collaboration

Reflecting on current user experiences of site, we heard that people value:

  • A sense of community and belonging (with the role of site management/ model being considered important)
  • Adaptive re-use of spaces to inspire creativity
  • Playfulness and experimentation
  • Green spaces and a peaceful oasis.

Discussing future use of the site, we heard that people want to see:

  • Day and night time activation
  • Support for the creative community
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Enhanced access, inclusivity and collaboration between uses
  • Strong environmental design standards.

Discussing future user experience on the site, we heard that people want:

  • A sense of discovery, intimacy and playfulness
  • A welcoming and safe place
  • A place that supports collaboration and creative growth
  • A sense of connection to people and place.

You can read more about our what the community said in the summary report.

What happens next?

In response to the feedback we received, a final concept plan is being put forward for recommendation to proceed to detailed design. The concept plan will include the following key design moves:

  • Maximise open space areas and create a diversity of outdoor spaces
  • Celebrate the heritage house
  • Develop a new building footprint in “L-shape” to the south of the site
  • Demolition, partial demolition or adaptive re-use of the old school building to the north including as outdoor design elements
  • Remove the existing former municipal garage building
  • Make use of the existing occasional childcare facility at the Brunswick Baths.