Project updates

We have developed the final concept plans for the Fawkner Merri Parklands after consulting with the community on the draft plan.

Thank you for your patience during this project!

What have we heard so far?

During phase 1 of engagement, the community provided Council with some great feedback and direction for the future of the Merri Creek Parklands from Coburg North to Fawkner. Strengthening the natural values was identified as a key priority but so is improving community connections to the parklands and nature.

What we heard was important to the community during phase 1 engagement

With this in mind, we developed a draft concept plan. In phase 2 our our engagement we asked the community what they thought of the plan.

Key themes we heard in feedback during phase 2 engagement

Most respondents recommended the enhancement of the natural elements of the creek and improvement of wildlife habitat.

People were concerned about the significant amount of litter distributed throughout the creek especially after heavy rain.

We received recommendations for path improvements throughout the creek corridor to make it easier to connect with the shared path and natural spaces.

We heard about the opportunity for additional interpretative signage about the history of the creek and park.

There was call for for greater engagement with the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Traditional Owners on land management, naming, signage and engagement events.

There was some concern about conflict between dogs/shared path users, wildlife and park users, with requests for more fencing to separate users and for drinking fountains with dog bowls.

We heard requests for more social recreational facilities like basketball halfcourts, cricket pitches, and soccer nets.

There were many requests for access to existing sporting pavilions and toilets for community meeting spaces and events.

Some concerns were raised about balancing the habitat values of the waterway with sports ground lighting. Not everyone was supportive of additional sports grounds in particular synthetic pitches.

People were very concerned about the trail bikes dangerous and illegal use of the shared path and parklands with incidents reported to Victoria Police.

There were also concerns about hoon activities within the existing car parks at Moomba Park and Parker Reserve.

There was support for the establishment of the wetland in Moomba Park and the increased diversion of stormwater into the parklands to help mitigate urban heat island effect, improve habitat values and reduce local flooding.

People called for improvements to the two playgrounds at Moomba Park and Parker Reserve. There were many calls for more opportunities for nature-based play including bush kinders throughout the parklands.

A majority of people were not supportive of improvements to lighting along the Merri Creek Trail unless the lighting provided wildlife sensitive lighting for key movement routes such as key bridge crossings to Reservoir at path between Railway Parade to Northumberland Rd and would like to see increased safety measures in car parks.

View the Engagement Summary Report PDF to see a more detailed listing of the consultation feedback.

How we used the feedback

The draft Plan balances the role of the creek as a primary waterway biodiversity corridor with the need to maintain drainage and key service easement functionality while meeting the increasing needs of the local community for open space and recreational access. Community feedback on the draft Plan was very positive and complementary, the suggestions and comments provided have informed the development of the final draft.

Feedback online and during pop-up site meetings was very supportive with the only concerns raised around the location and scale of proposed park activation around Sahara Way Fawkner.

We have updated the Fawkner Merri Creek Parklands concept in the 5 precinct plans. Changes are reflected on the precinct pages below.

Final concept plans for Merri Creek Parklands

As the Merri Creek Parklands covers a large 71 hectare area, the concept plans have been broken up into smaller areas. To view detailed plans of each area select 'view here'