About the trial

We're keen to use the most effective and safe methods of weed control in Merri-bek, so we're trialling a new approach and periodically calling on our community to provide feedback.

We're trialing the use of non-glyphosate weedicides and other weed management strategies including heat treatment and manual weeding, in a large area of Brunswick for two years until June 2023. This trial is happening together with a comparison control zone over a two-year period. The intention is to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative methods of weed control using metrics including worker hours, equipment hours, material costs and community feedback.

Every six months we'll seek community perspectives about the trial online, and gather your feedback. the survey will be open for 8 weeks each time

Why we're undertaking this trial

Concerns have previously been raised in the media about the use of a popular weedicide called glyphosate (the trade name is 'Round-up'). The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and WorkSafe Victoria have verified the weedicide is safe to use, as long as following the label instructions, however we want to trial alternative options.

What happens next

You can provide ask us questions about the trial in the conversation tool on this webpage until COB 31 October 2021, or follow this page to be involved in future survey and coffee cart events, or contact Council at any time.

No glyphosate trial zone and control zone

Thank you

Merri-bek city council would like to thank everyone for their input and feedback regarding this trial